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Adedoja’s deep financial insight has made a difference in an extremely competitive industry. Adedoja Allen has also proven to be one of Nigeria’s distinguish entrepreneurs who has shown doggedness and female brilliance in subduing latest broadcasting challenges in Nigeria.

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Adedoja Allen is the Founder of City Media Academy. City Media Academy was set up because of influx of interns seeking to become celebrity media personality. The academy is a vocational training and capacity development programme that trains youths interested in broadcasting. The City Media Academy offers a wide range of courses for aspiring students. The training would also enable students to spend three weeks in class and one week on the radio (on air).

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Talk Show Host

Adedoja Allen is the host of ‘Talk To Me With Adedoja Allen’, it is a show centered around relationship and marriage, the show was set up to dissect and discuss the complexity of marriage, from compelling human stories about relationship and lifestyle, and how best to deal with it. Adedoja Allen intends to bring in experienced and expertise perspective on relationship, family, marriage and the impact on social life.

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Doja, as she is fondly called, is a Christian; a bondservant of Christ under the leadership of - Pastor Alfred Akpu and Reverend Oyiks of the Oakhouse Church, Yaba.

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